10 Shameless RICH Celebs Caught STEALING

By : TheRichest - 9 months ago
10 Celebs with sticky hands who were caught on camera! AWKWARD!
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Sometimes celebrities make headlines for committing horrible crimes, but other times they are pretty minor offenses. Shoplifting is such a petty crime that it is baffling why any celebrity would do it, especially considering the risk of embarrassing yourself by getting caught. But we will tell you about ten celebrities who decided to take that risk, like WWE Diva Emma, who nearly lost her job after stealing a $2 iPad case. Before she was famous, Megan Fox was once caught stealing lipstick, and ended up with a ban from the store. Kim Richards has been on the wrong side of the law before, but this time it was for stealing over $600 worth of goods from a Target. Roosmarijn de Kok wasn’t always an angel, and was once arrested for stealing from Whole Foods. LiAngelo Ball had a promising basketball career ahead of him until he was suspended from the team after going on a shoplifting spree while visiting China.

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