10 School Punishments That Went Way Too Far

3 years ago
Top 10 school punishments that went way too far
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Charlie from #Top10s counts down the top 10 school punishments that went way too far. In 2013, this 7 year old boy named Josh Welch was suspended from his school in Baltimore. He was suspended for 2 days for eating his pop tart into the shape of a gun. In 2012, this middle school kid named Patrick Gonzalez was suspended from his school in Texas. This was because he had asked his barber to shave his favourite basketball player Matt Bonner into his head. In 2012, 2 students were caught fighting by their high schools principle named Tim Richard. He decided to punish them by making them sit in the hallway and hold hands. n 2004, a 13 year old girl named Savana was stop searched by her principle after someone told him she had drugs. After the principle searched her belongings, he then strip searched her. In 2013, this 6 year old student named Rodney was suspended because of a hand gun. However, when I say hand gun, I mean he literally made a gun sign with his hand. In 2013, cops were called to a school in Mississippi when a 5 year old student had come in with the wrong colour shoes. The school requires black shoes to be worn, however the student’s family couldn’t afford black shoes, so they had to buy white shoes coloured with a black sharpie. In 2014, a 5 year old student received a 10 day suspension for issuing a terrorist threat to another student. She said she was going to shoot bubbles at her friend with this Hello Kitty bubble gun. In 2015, Diane had to work 2 jobs as well as go to school to support her poor family. She had to skip a day of school to go to one of these jobs one day. After she was caught skipping, she was held in a jail cell for 24 hours and given a misdermenor. In 2012 a 14 year old boy from Texas named De’Angelo Rollins was given a 4 day suspension after using self defence. After being hit, De’Angelo hit back and was then given 4 days suspension, a 400 dollar fine, four month probation, 20 hours of community service and was put in a first-time offender programme. In 2012, two 10 year old students had failed to achieve their reading goals. They would either have to miss recess or allow the other students to draw on their faces with permanent markers.

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Killer Pop Tart
Strip Searched
Hand Gun
Fashion Police
Bubble Gun
Skipping School
Self Defence
Magic Markers

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10 School Punishments That Went Way Too Far

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