10 Places Science Can't Explain

11 months ago
Some of our planet's most mysterious places seem to defy the laws of science. Here are some of such.
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The devil's kettle waterfall is believed by some to be a gateway to another universe or even to hell itself. The two streamed waterfall has baffled geologists for decades as no one can work out where the water flowing into the kettle leads. It's as if it simply disappears. But that's not the only mysterious water structure. In the amazon river is now known to be a boiling river hot enough to kill any creature to fall into it. It was thought nothing more than a myth until it's recent discovery and no one knows why the water is hot enough to boil.

In India stands a small village known for having a high twin rate. It's obvious why the settlement is now known as twin town but less obvious why so many twins are born here. Suggested answers include the claim that government experiments secretly changed the genetics of locals decades ago.

Perhaps the most mysterious location is the zone of silence in Mexico, a place known for magnetic phenomena and as a dead zone for radio. You will receive no radio signal while in the zone and don't expect your compass to be reliable. Also watch out for mutated animals or strange alien like figures - those are never a good sign.

10 Places Science Can't Explain

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