10 Once Famous Athletes Who Now Work Normal Jobs

By : TheRichest - 5 months ago
10 professional athletes who now work regular jobs after they retired from playing sports.
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While professional athletes get paid very well, they don't usually have lengthy careers. The average career of a MLB player is 5.6 years, while the average career of an NHL player is only 4.8 years. Average NFL players work for about 3.3 years, and NBA basketball players average out at 4.8 years. Of course, there are always people who work much longer, but every player has to retire eventually. At a certain point, an athlete's body is just not able to perform in the same way that it used to. And what's an ex-pro to do after their sports career is over? Those who are lucky will continue to live off their millions for the rest of their life. But those who aren't so lucky need to get a job. The once famous athletes in this video put their egos aside to work normal jobs—just like the rest of us.

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10 Once Famous Athletes Who Now Work Normal Jobs