10 Movie Trailers That Straight Up LIED To Us

8 months ago
Some some movie trailers are meant to throw fans off as much as they are meant to preview a film! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

So you’re pumped for the latest Marvel movie or Star Trek installment, you’ve read the spoilers to the upcoming Guillermo Del Toro flick and you followed all the set leaks on Reddit. You reserve your ticket on Fandango or MoviePass, you have the perfect seats, you bought your favorite snacks and soda, and you’re sitting next to your best friends. Everything is set up exactly as you expected for the perfect filmgoing experience… Everything except the actual movie. The final film you’ve been waiting months to see is nothing like what you were shown in the trailer. And it seems like no filmmaker or production company is innocent in creating a preview that raises hopes through falsified means - whether by using deleted scenes, alternate takes, or entirely made-up moments enhanced with CGI and dramatic slow covers of classic songs. If Hollywood creates a fake version of the world in which we’d like to live, then trailers are an even faker version of that world.

So join ScreenRant as we lament, call out, and sometimes celebrate these shocking, twisted and misleading trailers for movies we either love or love to hate. Check out some of entries including Blockbuster films like Avengers: Infinity War, Crimson Peak, Cabin in the Woods, Alien 3, Drive, Scream, Observe and Report, In Bruges, Red Eye, and Star Trek: Generations. Were these exactly what you wanted to be going in, or were you totally disappointed by the end product that was nothing like the two-minute preview you watched months before?


1. Avengers: Infinity War
2. Crimson Peak
3. The Cabin In The Woods
4. Alien 3
5. Drive
6. Scream
7. Observe And Report
8. In Bruges
9. Red Eye
10. Star Trek Generations

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10 Movie Trailers That Straight Up LIED To Us

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