10 Most Unusual Houses In The World

By : Top 5 Best - 4 months ago
Hello everyone, Welcome to Top 5 Best. Now I’m sure all of you ,and if not most of you, have been
scrolling through the YouTube bored out of your mind and you stumble upon a diamond in the rough, a
list of crazy structured houses. If you haven’t stumbled upon anything like this well you better sit back,
relax and prepare to be mind blown.

10). The Aura Residence Located on the Island of Cyprus.
The Aura residence has a very modern and futuristic type of design. Their home is being entered into the
World Architecture Awards. The meaning thought process that went into creating this beautiful home
was based off of the Great Wave off of a famous woodblock printing named the Kanagawa by the
Japanese arsitst Hokusai.

9). The UFO House
Well if you’re anything like me and have an interest in the Futuro House owning one would be honest to
goodness outrageous, some of us might not be able to own this luxiorious UFO but how would you feel
about renting it for only $500.00 a week, so approximately $71.42 a day. I’m sure many of you are dying
to hear about the features that come with this amazing unit, so let’s go ahead and dive right in. The UFO
contains a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and of course a television. The UFO is stocked with
many sci-fi movies to help you get into the whole mood of sleeping/staying in a UFO.

8). The Haewoojae House
Whelp if the name isn’t confusing enough, you should take a look at the structure of this house and well
to be quite frank it’s shaped as a toilet. The name of the house “Haewoojae” translates to “ A place of
sanctuary where one can solve one’s worries”. This home was designed by a Chariman of the Organizing
Committee of the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association, with high hopes that it
would bring awareness to the world’s sanitation problems. The location of this home is in Suweon,
located south of Seoul, Korea.

7). Casa Son Vida 1
Ahh Casa Son Vida, seems like a place of dreams that was built upon dreams. This beautifully structured
8,500 Square-foot home in Mallorca, Spain is in fact a renovation of a 1960s Mediterranean villa, but
even though you’d never know due to it’s modernized stlye. The home aims to redefine the notion of
the lucruy villa by moving most of the homes patterns of a luxury towards a more modern and forward-
looking expression of architecture and technology.

6). The Gigantic Boulder House
This Patrick star looking house sits near the cost of Portugal. Why bring in truck loads of building
material when nature provides such a good structure for a home? Also not to mention they’re free.
These houses are at abundance in Monsanto, Portugal where all of these homes are either built in, on,
under, and or around massive boulders. Honestly I think these people had like fetishes for big boulders,
and I think the creator of these homes is no other than the cartoon character himself, Patrick Star.

5). The Total Man Cave
Since the heavy snowfall of the winter of early 2017, creator Jimmy Grey said that he had been out of
work for about almost a year and had needed a project to keep himself occupied. So what does he do,
well he gets to work on an extreme igloo in his families yard in Aquila which is about 30 miles east of
Cleveland, Ohio. His extreme igloo features 6-foot ceilings and an entertainment room. He wired a
extension cord into the igloo, which is plugged in the garage, which he powers a television with, and on
top of that he ran wires for cable and surround sound. Jeez that is definitely a man cave I wouldn’t mind
relaxing in for a couple hours, or better yet all winter.

4). The Waldspirale
A home located in Darmstadt, Germany was the final architectural masterpiece that was designed by an
Austrian artist that goes by the name of Friedensreich Hundertwasser right before he passed away. The
Waldspirale is an apartment complex with about roughly 105 Units that also has an interior courtyard
with water stream, a restaurant and a cocktail bar near the top of the tower, and on top of that literally
the roof is planted with grass and shrubs.
3). The Cave Home
The Cave Home is a three story home that is owned by Curt and Deborah Sleeper located in Festus,
Missouri. The home gets it’s name because it was literally and I cannot stress this enough literally built
into a cave. Some history before the Cave Home became known to existence. The cave started out as a
mine, and then in the later years, it was then owned by a man who used it to grow mushrooms and
fishing worms. But later in the 1950s, a woman named Sue Morris converted the cave into a roller
skating rink and a concert venue called the “Caveland”. As time went by more and more musicians
performed like Tina Turner, Bob Segar and Ted Nugent. In 1985 it closed and remained vacant until the
Sleeper family had then bought it off of ebay in the year 2003, and obviously turned it into a house.

10 Most Unusual Houses In The World