10 Most Luxurious Motorhomes In The World Today

8 months ago
10 Most Luxurious Motorhomes In The World Today
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If you love to travel and find the allure of the open road to be a siren song, then you are no doubt aware of the benefits owning a motorhome can bring. Having a bathroom, kitchen, and proper bed which allows you to stretch out and sleep well can take any camping trip to the next level.

Of course, these little luxuries, which anyone cramped into a four-person tent would be envious of, have started to pale in comparison to some of the amenities offered by truly top of the line R.V.s and motorhomes these days. Of course, we most often equate the super-rich with yachts, private planes, and limousines, but if you have money to spare, you could embark on the road trip of a lifetime in some of these R.V.s and motorhomes!

These are the top 10 most luxurious motorhomes in the world today;

10. ENTEGRA COACH CORNERSTONE 45DLQ: Have you ever wanted a walk-in closet in your car? Well, the Entegra Coach Cornterstone 45DLQ has one glorious enough to make you drool.

9. Anderson Mobile Estates: This brand provides motorhomes that are truly unique because they are bespoke; they retro-fit motorhomes for celebrities like Will Smith! It is luxury in the extreme, and as they say themselves, “no level of creature comfort is off the table.”

8. The Earthroamer XV-HD: In all honesty, the Earthroamer XV-HD does not have the most sophisticated, sleek look. In fact, it looks more suited to the remote wilderness than anything else, but this “rolling fortress” is the very latest product from a company with an incredible pedigree and reputation for mixing luxury with durability.

7. Morelo Empire Liner: Coming in at around $470,000, the Morelo Empire Liner is not cheap, but it has all of the mod-cons that you might ever desire; a double bed and a glass roof above to provide views, under-floor heating, a fully fitted modern kitchen, a sleek living area, and a rainfall shower.

6. 2015 Newmar King Aire: You can truly rule the road in style with the Newmar King Aire. This turbo diesel RV features a weather navigation system, great steering and power control, and a wonderful indoor entertainment system.

5. 2014 Country Coach Prevost: This $1,000,000 motorhome is designed in the style of a stagecoach, and is one of the most expensive R.V.s on this list – or even the world. The Prevost is really designed for traveling between cities and towns as opposed to rugged countryside.

4. 2015 Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach: The 2015 Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach deals with all of your needs, down to the tiniest detail.

3. 2015 Prevost H3-45 VIP: The brand responsible for the creation of the Prevost H3-45 describes it as having “sleek and modern” lines. This is luxury with space to spare;

2. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus: The Featherlite Vantar Platinum Plus is the second most expensive motorhome in the world. That’s right – the whole world. Now, with a price tag like that - around $2.5 million, if you’re interested – you can be forgiven for expecting indulgence.

1. Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo: Finally, the single most expensive motorhome in the world is often hailed as a “land yacht,” and has been dubbed by its creators as the most luxurious model on the market.

10 Most Luxurious Motorhomes In The World Today

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