10 Most EMBARASSING Sports Moments Caught on Camera

6 months ago
10 Most EMBARASSING Sports Moments Caught on Camera

Sports on tv are played by professional athletes who know exactly what they’re doing..or at least most of the time there are a rare few moments where professional athletes are caught slipping making mistake and doing some embarrassing things here's the 15 most embarrassing sports mistake caught on live tv

This first moment comes from a football goalkeeper who played for chelsea, kepa arizabelaga refused to be substituted off the pitch which is something that has never happened before in over 100 years of professional football the manager was understandably pissed off here’s his reaction

john terry a former player for the same club had this to say about him refusing to come off the pitch

MMA Cage fighter travis wolford actually accidentally shits himself on the canvas of the octagon, his reaction when he stands up is completely overwhelmed and embarrassed, this can be quite common in sports though as your muscles are being strained constantly

This race similar to the tour de france takes hundreds of cyclists and has them riding for hours to the finish line, this cyclist celebrates victory a little too early, the cyclist thinks he won the race but little does he know he actually didn’t reach the finish line

Vitaly is a youtuber known for streaking many events like the football world cup, on this occasion he invades the world series and is caught by security after nearly 30 seconds on the pitch

This next embarrassing and awkward moment comes from another goalkeeper in soccer this time robin zentner misplaces the ball when he goes to pass it and literally kicks the air take a look]

This next mma fighter has been deemed as a conor mcregor wannabe, he is cocky and arogant and while he is cocky and confident he will win his next fight karma catches up with him

Mardy fish a professional tennis player was returning a shot when he actually falls over the tennis net and needs help from his opponent to recover and serve his next shot

Gary linekar is a legendary football soccer player, but during the wold cup in 1990 he makes a fatal mistake he has never lived down, in the 1990 world cup gary accidentally shits himself on the pitch luckily he was a good sport about it

This martial arts referee loses his mind and starts fighting the 2 fighters after they refuse to stop fighting and actually hit the referee, the referee shows some serious skill as well but was fired after this

Bobsledding is an extreme racing sport this british professional bobsledders suit rips right infront of the camera exposing her underwear to thousands

10 Most EMBARASSING Sports Moments Caught on Camera

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