10 Marvel Villains With Weird Power Restrictions

3 months ago
Marvel Villains That Are Weaker Than They Should In The MCU

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Usually the greatest weakness a super villain has is the determination and might of the superhero who brings them down, but even supervillains have superpowers that makes them supervillains in the first place. Marvel Comics has a tendency to make every gift a character gets come at a cost. Even if you’re an other worldly being like Mephisto or just get your powers from other worldly beings like Juggernaut, there’s almost always a catch. Sometimes the restrictions are self imposed, like with the Elder of the Universe, The Grandmaster, or in the case of beings like Galactus, it’s part of who they are.

Whether it’s magical, technical, self imposed or part of the way the Mutant Gene works in Marvel Comics, there’s usually some trade off. Some of those trade offs can be pretty weird, even if they’re not immediately obvious. They can even be the thing that casts them in the role of being the villain in the first place. Not all of the weird power restrictions manifest as an inconvenience to the user, they can also complicate the lives of the people around them or even the ones responsible for the powers in the first place. Something no doubt AIM regrets when making MODOK. From the smallest villains to the most powerful, here are some of the weirder power restrictions for the villains of Marvel.


Entry 1 - ULTRON
Entry 4 - GALACTUS
Entry 7 - EMMA FROST
Entry 8 - MODOK
Entry 9 - YMIR
Entry 10 - MEPHISTO


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10 Marvel Villains With Weird Power Restrictions

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