10 Kids Who Live Normal Lives With HALF A Body

10 months ago
10 children who don't let their disabilities or illnesses get in the way of living their lives.
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It can often feel like life has come to a standstill when you’re ill or faced with a life-changing obstacle. Whether you’re suffering from a broken limb or an infectious bug, it’s all too easy to just sit back and let life continue on without you. But for these kids, sitting back and accepting defeat was never an option. For one reason or another, these children have ended up in a position that even the best doctors in the world can’t fix: they’ve had limbs amputated. Some of these kids went through terrible accidents, while others were victims of bad parenting. But despite what happened to them, they’re not giving up that easily. These are the children from around the world who’ve taken the power back from their disabilities, and they're carrying on stronger than ever before. These little heroes are definitely the type of people that we should be looking up to.

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10 Kids Who Live Normal Lives With HALF A Body

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