10 KID Soldiers Who Fought In A War

1 year ago
10 children who enlisted and went to battle!
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Throughout history and in countries the world over, kids have fought in armed conflicts. This was commonplace for thousands of years, as children who were physically able to fight were not exempt from the horrors of war. It wasn’t until the industrial era that age restrictions became normal. In the American Civil War, you could serve at the age of twelve. By WWII, sixteen was the minimum age of Allied enlistment, provided you had parental consent. And now, in many countries, you have to be eighteen years of age. This doesn’t apply everywhere, of course. Many armed forces still enlist children, with some soldiers being no more than ten years old. It may seem as if child warfare is a thing of the past, but, as the news and this video will show you, this is anything but the case. In this video are ten child soldiers who are notable for reasons other than just being children.

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10 KID Soldiers Who Fought In A War

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