10 HUGE Chains Rappers Spent Their Money On

7 months ago
The biggest chains and jewelry that rappers wear (Jay Z, Drake, Kanye, and more!)
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What would you buy if you had millions of dollars to spend? Most rappers decide to spend their cash on huge properties, incredible cars, and amazing pieces of jewelry. And what says, “I'm a rapper,” better than a huge gold chain? But while some rappers are happy to simply walk into a store and pick out the most flashy piece that they can find, others take it one step further by commissioning an original masterpiece to wear around their neck. These pieces are unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before. When the world is your oyster, the biggest challenge is seeing how much you can spend on a chain. Hundreds of diamonds and different types of gems? Check. Worth more than a good-sized house? Check. These rappers have truly stepped up the game when it comes to impressing the world with their choice of neckwear.

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10 HUGE Chains Rappers Spent Their Money On

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