10 FUNNIEST Auditions Ever Seen On America's Got Talent

By : TheRichest - 4 months ago
10 most hilarious acts on the TV show America's Got Talent.
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TV talent shows are an innovative genre. We all love to watch talented people. But we love to watch untalented people who think that they're talented even more. This is why shows like "American Idol," "The Voice," and "America’s Got Talent" are so successful: they exploit regular people. "America’s Got Talent" especially, which is why it’s the focus of this video. But the people who are laughed off of the AGT stage aren’t victims. They consent to be a potential fool on TV for the once in a lifetime chance of national fame. For some contestants, the humor is intentional. All types of comedians audition for AGT, and many go on to superstardom. Even if they don’t advance too far, they still had their fifteen seconds of fame, and they'll forever have an amazing story to tell. They appeared in front of millions of people and were judged by talented celebrities. That has to count for something, right?

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