10 Famous People Who Used To Be STRIPPERS

By : TheRichest - 5 months ago
10 celebrities who were doing exotic dancing before they became famous and well known.
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It’s no secret that many of our favorite celebrities had varying careers before they hit their big break. It’s rare for actors to get lucky and work on big budget movies right away—although it does happen occasionally. But for the celebs on this list, it took a lot of hard work and dedication before they got to where they are today. And all of their career paths included being a stripper somewhere along the way. While some of them opted to become an exotic dancer for the pure enjoyment and adrenaline that comes with the job, others did it for the money. However, none of them seem to have had a bad experience, and many speak of the fun that they had while working as a stripper. Some of these celebs even frequent the club that they used to work at to reminisce about those days.

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10 Famous People Who Used To Be STRIPPERS