10 Famous Kids Who Are WORSE Than Their Promiscuous Parents

1 year ago
10 Famous people who aren't as innocent as they seem.
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Being the child of a famous celebrity isn’t easy. While you are born into instant fame and fortune, there is a lot of pressure involved with being in the spotlight. As the children of celebrities grow up, complete strangers think that they know who they are thanks to their parents putting them in the spotlight. While freaky, these famous kids are forced to quickly learn how to manage their public image. And if their parent had a reputation for being a bit loose, the world can't help but wonder what morals the child will grow up to uphold. As the world turns, the celebrity kids grow up—and they sometimes become way worse than their promiscuous parents! Maybe children are paying more attention to what we do than we thought! It’s truly interesting to see a celebrity get outdone by their own offspring when it comes to dating.

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10 Famous Kids Who Are WORSE Than Their Promiscuous Parents

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