10 Dark Secrets From The Cast Of Glee

11 months ago
10 Things you didn't know about the actors of the TV show Glee.
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The stars of “Glee” have been involved in a shocking number of controversies, disturbing revelations and tragic events. Some might consider the show to be cursed. Find out the details in our video about 10 dark secrets from the cast of “Glee”.

Cory Monteith’s passing shocked everyone, and you’ll be even more shocked when you discover the guilt that certain cast members felt. We’ll also reveal the truth about those Naya Rivera and Lea Michele feud rumors. Speaking of feuds, find out why Dianna Agron missed the Cory Monteith tribute episode, and why so many co-stars were absent from Heather Morris’ baby shower. Then of course there’s the news of Mark Salling’s passing, his disturbing conviction, and the other shocking acts he’s been accused of.

Watch our video to learn 10 dark secrets from the cast of “Glee,” including quotes from Ryan Murphy and Jane Lynch, and let us know in comments which one you found the most shocking.

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10 Dark Secrets From The Cast Of Glee

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