10 Dark Secrets From New York Fashion Week

By : TheTalko - 9 months ago
10 Behind the scenes secrets from fashion week.
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We don’t blame you for following New York Fashion Week on tv and social media, but that only gives you a partial picture. We’re going to take you inside this event and let you know about some of the dark and shocking truths that are going on behind the scenes. Georgina Chapman will be conspicuously absent this year, and we’re guessing that has to do with her current husband, Harvey Weinstein. If you think that the Street Style from fashion week is more authentic, we have some bad news for you. You know that most models are incredibly thin, but some of the ways they maintain their figures might surprise you. We’ll also let you know about some unexpected pitfalls that can have painful consequences backstage. Oh, and if you thought that walking in the fashion show might be lucrative, we hate to disappoint you.

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