10 CRAZY STRICT Rules Celebrity Kids Must Follow

6 months ago
10 ridiculous rules famous people's kids must follow which prove their lives aren't as glamorous as they may seem.
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Being a kid is hard, but being a celebrity kid is even harder. We know what you’re thinking: how can inherited wealth, fame, and power be hard? Well, because there is one important side effect to wealth, fame, and power: craziness—which celebrity parents have in bunches. Imagine how many different methods your parents used to raise you properly, and multiply this tenfold for celebrities—who have access to parenting tricks outside your parents’ wildest dreams. And with these come a lot of rules. Crazy rules. Which will no doubt affect celebrity children for the rest of their lives. If you thought having a celebrity parent would be easy, all the people in this video will change your mind. From being denied TV, magazines, and toys, to having to follow vegan diets as a toddler, these famous kids make us a lot less envious of fame. Being famous is cool, but maybe it isn’t as cool as we once thought.

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10 CRAZY STRICT Rules Celebrity Kids Must Follow

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