10 Celebs Who Treat Their Staff Like TRASH

8 months ago
10 celebrities who treat their team members VERY poorly.
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We might think that we know a celebrity really well, but we’re merely seeing what they want us to see. How a celebrity acts in public is very different from the way that they act behind closed doors. The only people that can truly tell us how a celebrity is when they’re out of the spotlight is their family and staff. Of course, their family won’t rat them out, and staff members are usually forced to sign some sort of non-disclosure agreement. So, even if they did want to spill some sizzling info about their boss, they wouldn’t be able to without having to face terrible consequences in court. Yet, there are a special few who have managed to slip by the contracts and were able to tell their story. We know that it can be hard to imagine, but some of our favorite celebrities are not the best bosses in the world.

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10 Celebs Who Treat Their Staff Like TRASH

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