10 Celebs React To Their Own Internet MEMES

11 months ago
The funniest memes about famous people and how they reacted.
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Being a celebrity means being used to seeing your image absolutely everywhere. But sometimes, jokesters on the internet take these into their own hands and create memes that go instantly viral. We’ll let you know how some celebs feel about stumbling upon these memes. We know Beyoncé was so unamused, she even sent a cease and desist letter about it! Joe Biden not only loves the memes he’s in, but he has a favorite one. Cardi B has been known to share memes on her Instagram page, but we’ll tell you how she feels about being made into one herself. Jennifer Garner was caught making a funny face at the Oscars, but decided to make herself part of the joke. Tell us what your favorite celebrity meme is in the comment section, then click on the subscribe button to get the latest videos from us here at TheTalko.

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10 Celebs React To Their Own Internet MEMES

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