10 Celebrities Who Gained Weight And LOVED IT

By : TheRichest - 5 months ago
10 famous people who put on a few pounds and are happy with how their body looks.
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Being a celebrity is tougher than it seems. Not only do they have to deal with being followed around by paparazzi, but they also have to deal with the media scrutinizing their every move. If they look tired, someone writes an article about it. If they lose weight, it becomes a breaking news headline. And if they suddenly gain weight, the world can't help but wonder what went wrong. But gaining weight isn't necessarily a bad thing, and the celebs on this list were more than okay with the extra pounds that they put on. Maybe they had trouble trimming down their post-baby bod, or maybe they just stopped giving in to the pressure to be thin. Either way, the world is always more concerned about the bodies of celebrities than they should be. If someone feels strong and confident in their skin, then maybe we should all be taking notes.

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10 Celebrities Who Gained Weight And LOVED IT