10 Body Parts That Reveal Your Intelligence

By : BE AMAZED - 3 months ago
Funnily enough, a lot of your body parts reveal how smart and intelligent you are. From your finger nails to your eyes and height, here are some ways you can spot someone's intelligence.
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Be Amazed at these ways your body reveals your intellegence! Hands - Susan Goldin-Meadow, chair of Developmental Psychology at the University of Chicago, has researched the subject of reinforced acquisition of information via hand gestures over the years. Fingers and Nails - The lunula, which is the white crescent thing in your fingernails, is believed to have been linked to overall body health for many centuries. Toes - Throughout the ages, abnormal foot proportions have been traditionally associated with intelligence. The most famous example perhaps is the medical condition known as 'Morton’s Toe '. Earlobes - Researchers at the Harvard University in 2011 have discovered a somewhat weird correlation between asymmetrical earlobes and people with relatively exceptional leadership potentials.

Hair - The specific tidbit that led to a widespread debate related to hair and intelligence is attributed to a supposed research project conducted in the 1990’s. Lips - There are no direct peer reviewed studies, or institutional research, that discusses lips as an indicator of intelligence. Hips - In 2009,researchers at the Universities of Pittsburgh and California, Santa Barbara, surveyed at least 15,000 women , and found out that the iconic sexy hourglass figure may have an indirect link to someone’s IQ. Eye Color - Eye color has never been proven to have any significant factor in determining one’s personal intellectual capacity. Head - Determining someone’s intelligence from the size of their head is a far more understandable concept than any other in this list because obviously it would suggest they have a bigger brain. Height - Have you heard of the Flynn effect? It refers to the substantial and long-sustained increase in IQ test scores from roughly 1930 to the present day.
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