10 Behind The Scenes Black Panther Secrets Marvel Won't Tell You

12 months ago
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2018's brilliant Black Panther movie has undoubtedly cemented itself as one of the best comic book movies of all time - period - and it's been rewarded with a worldwide gross of almost one-and-a-half billion dollars to date.

A hell of a lot of work and time went into making the epic and groundbreaking Marvel Studios offering - and we're going to take a look at just some of what went on behind the scenes.

These behind the scenes secrets will change how you watch Black Panther - and the secrets in question are; the 3000 prosthetic dots that were applied to Michael B. Jordan, the entirely CGI rhinos created by referencing footage of rhinos found online, Nakia's green dress in the brilliant casino scene was actually 3D-printed to suit Lupita Nyong'O's body, Kendrick Lamar chose to do the whole soundtrack after seeing the movie and being impressed by it, how Wakanda was created, how Warrior Falls was created, how the Black Panther suit was created, how some of the various combat and action scenes were shot and perfected, the rap battles that took place between certain cast members between takes, and the push-ups challenge that was born from a bet between two actors on the movie's set.

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1. Killmonger's scars
2. The rhinos
3. Nakia's green dress
4. Kendrick Lamar's soundtrack
5. Wakanda
6. Warrior Falls
7. The Black Panther suit
8. Combat scenes
9. Rap battles
10. Push-ups challenge

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10 Behind The Scenes Black Panther Secrets Marvel Won't Tell You

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