10 Attractive Female Athletes Who Are EXTREMELY Fit

8 months ago
10 women who dominate at the crossfit games and look AMAZING while doing so. (Sara Sigmundsdottir, Katrin Davidsdottir, Anna Olafsdottir, Brooke Ence, and more!)
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By now, most of us have heard of the fitness craze that is CrossFit. It seems rather intimidating, doesn’t it? CrossFit is a fitness regimen that was created back in 2000, but it only became as popular as it is today in the last decade. Some people have compared it to a cult, because everyone that gets involved in CrossFit seems to revolve their entire life around their daily workouts. Some people have even called CrossFit an addiction, because they can’t get enough of it. But CrossFit has been quite controversial too, due to people getting sick, or even losing their lives. Yet, people still do CrossFit every day. Until you try it for yourself, you’ll never understand its popularity. CrossFit is a sport for both men and women, but it seems that women have completely dominated the culture. If you’re an attractive woman who is good at CrossFit, the world is simply putty in your hands!

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10 Attractive Female Athletes Who Are EXTREMELY Fit

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