10 Animal Races You Won't Believe Actually Exist!

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10 Weirdest Animal Races in the World

When you think of animal racing, you’re most likely thinking about horse racing. But for those who like to watch animals race who aren’t in the 1%, there’s plenty of options. From hamster racing to Ostrich racing, there’s any type of animal you can think of that can be raced. We chose the then best of them, so here’s the 10 weirdest animal races in the world.

10. Wiener Dog Racing
The dachshund or wiener dog was first raced in Australia during the 1970’s. But the idea for weiner dog racing took off after it was featured in a beer commercial from 1993. This led it to be marketed as a new type of comedy sport. But this led to criticism, because the dachshund’s shape and genetic predisposition to back injuries would cause it to be injured while racing. But this hasn’t stopped races to be conducted every so often. Every December San Diego hosts their annual Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals, where the dachshunds typically run over 25 to 50 yard distances to compete for the National Dachshund Racing Championship. This led to the 2007 documentary “Wiener Takes All,” which chronicles the professional careers of five of the most well-known canine competitors and their human owners over three consecutive racing seasons.

9. Cow Racing
Cow racing needs no explanation as to what it is. It’s cows that race on a track of mud. But the catch is, the cows competing are completely untrained. The only place cow racing is practiced is in Australia, and whose largest race is called the Compass Cup. The Compass Cup race receives over 5000 spectators and is held in January every year since 1974. Though the event is supposed to be competitive, it is just pure fun, because the untrained cows have no clue what they’re doing. Some cows don't move an inch, while some pace in circles or run in the opposite direction.
The 24 cows that are used for this race are picked only on the morning of the race. Each cow has a rider and is also accompanied by four supporting crew, called “urgers”, who help to keep the riders mounted. Spectators can join in during the race by choosing to be the rider or the supporting crew. Cow racing sounds like a complete mess, but totally worth it.

8. Cockroach Racing
Not only does Australia like racing cows; they race roaches too! Cockroach racing was born in 1986 at the Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane, Australia. Two guys were sitting at the bar, arguing over who’s suburb was home to the fastest roaches. This debate was settled on the following day when each man brought a cockroach from their own neighborhoods, and a race between them was then carried out in a nearby parking lot. History was made that day, and cockroach races now take place annually at the same hotel on January 26, known as “The Australia Day Cockroach Races”. Also in the United States, the Pest Control Association of New Jersey holds a popular cockroach race every year of the presidential election to predict the Democrat candidate. The race has an 84 percent success rate of correctly choosing the winning candidate. Maybe we should trust cockroaches instead of polls now?

7. Greyhound Racing
The greyhound is a dog that can run up to speeds of 45 miles per hour, while maxing out at 80 pounds. If society was made up of dogs, greyhounds would be the professional athletes. So of course someone’s going to come up with the idea of racing the fastest dog on the planet. It was Queen Elizabeth I, who lifted restrictions on owning Greyhounds, which why the nickname for the sport is called “The Sport of Queens”. Greyhounds would In order to make the sport more easy on the eyes for the public, a man named Owen Patrick Smith made several models of “mechanical hares”, so the greyhounds wouldn’t be chasing live ones. This lead to the modern standard of Greyhound racing which allowed it to be spread into competitions all over the US, Mexico, and many other countries. Greyhound racing is mostly used as a gambling sport, as an alternative to horse racing. The Greyhounds are disciplined and can be assessed much more accurately than the rest of the animals on this list.

6. Snail Racing
For some reason I’m not surprised that snail racing’s a thing. I guess if people race the fastest animals they might as well race the slowest ones just for the heck of it. The annual World Snail Racing Championships have taken place every July in the UK for more than 25 years, using only the native European common garden snail. Giant snails that can fit into your palm, are forbidden from being entered into the competition, making the races last as long as they possibly could.

10 Animal Races You Won't Believe Actually Exist!