1-Minute Exercises to Improve Posture and Reduce Back Pain

1 year ago
Quick 1-minute exercises that will work wonders for your back. It’s not only good for your back; stretching exercises are good for relaxing muscle tension and making you more flexible.
It’s not only good for your back; exercising makes you healthier, more energized, and maybe even more self-confident!

Exercise #1 0:58
Exercise #2 2:30
Exercise #3 4:11
Exercise #4 5:54
Exercise #5 7:35
Exercise #6 9:05
Exercise #7 10:45

- #1. This particular exercise is great for back pain because it strengthens and stretches the muscles of your back.
- #2. This exercise gives your back a good stretch while taking care of those abdominal muscles too. Just don't rush it!
- #3. Try to do the exercise without stopping, lowering your legs, or putting your shoulders back on the floor. This is awesome for your back, and you’ll definitely feel the burn in your abs!
- #4. This exercise works wonders for your back, of course. And, you might be seeing a pattern here, it’s good for the abs too! Again, like I mentioned earlier, a little stretch in your lower back means you're doing the exercise just right.
- #5. Take your time on this one. If you hurry through it, the exercise won’t be as effective. It's better to do it slowly but correctly.
- #6. This exercise is a must-have not only for your back but for your abs too! If you do it regularly, you'll carve out the abs of your dreams and properly stretch your back. A little tension in your abdominals is totally fine; it just means the exercise's working.
- #7. Try to feel your muscles stretching. This exercise is kind of like riding a bike, just without the circular movements, right?

What do you do to deal with back pain? Tell us in the comments section below.

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1-Minute Exercises to Improve Posture and Reduce Back Pain

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