वो 10 देश से भारत के लिए युद्ध में लड़ेंगे | Top 10 Countries Which Supports India

3 months ago
Hello, friends today we are with new educational as well as informational topic. Today we discuss the top 10 countries which are friendly to India and will help India at any cost. This includes countries like America, Britain, Russia, and Israel. These countries have a track record of helping India during hard times and supplying us with the necessary equipment during the wars. This video is just a discussion of some powerful countries to India which pledged to protect India during hardships. These countries have also good business deals with India in Arms trade. This information is collected based on the historical recording of helping nations of India as well as based on some facts and countries which always stood by India's Side. We do make an opportunity to mock or criticize another nation in this video and just based on the admin view towards the present situation.
#pulwama #IndiaPak #war
10 देश जो भारत से जलते है | TOP 10 Enemies of INDIA

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वो 10 देश से भारत के लिए युद्ध में लड़ेंगे | Top 10 Countries Which Supports India

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