[MV] Gummy(거미) - 지워져 (100 Days My Prince OST Part 1) 백일의 낭군님 OST Part 1

7 months ago
거미 - 지워져 (Fade Away) 100 Days My Prince OST Part 1
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Starring: EXO's D.O(디오), Kyungsoo(경수) & Nam Ji Hyun(남지현)

(朴志妍) - Erase [韓劇 - 百日的郎君 OST Part.1]


Composed by POPKID, Safira.K
Lyrics by POPKID, Safira.K, 이하진
Arranged by POPKID, Say

String Arranged by 조성범

Piano Say
Drum 정성민
Bass 정보연
String 융스트링
Chorus Safira.K

Recorded by 곽정신, 홍은이, 정모연 @ Vibe studio
Mixed by Koonikey
Mastered by 도정희 @ SoundMAX

#EXO #디오 #거미

[MV] Gummy(거미) - 지워져 (100 Days My Prince OST Part 1) 백일의 낭군님 OST Part 1

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